Welcome to Northumbria’s Computer and Video Gaming Society!

If you’re attending Northumbria University and love playing Video Games, then this is the place to be. At CVGS, our aim is to provide an oasis of entertainment for gamers in the Northumbria and beyond. Our meetings are held in Reds Bar (top floor of the Students Union) on a Monday and Friday from 4pm till 8pm. Please come along and join us!


We cater to all video gamers alike, with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft consoles available to play freely for everyone at the society. While we have a good collection of games, we also encourage people to bring in their own to go on with other people. If you have any portable consoles or gaming laptops then please feel free to bring them along as well!

Fancy yourself as more of a competitive gamer? Then we’ve also got you covered. We regularly run tournaments on various games ranging from Mario Kart to Halo to Street Fighter. Winners of these tournaments will also get their hands on some cool prizes! Check out our Facebook and page for tournament.


We do also allow people to drink at our meetings, but ask that this is done in moderation and that people are careful with drinks while the consoles are out to avoid any damage. For those who wish to continue drinking, a group of us usually head down to Habita after the meeting.

Becoming a member of CVGS will also get you access to some discounts at various places in Newcastle! Visit our website for more details about these discounts and various other aspects of the society.

contact us at: mail@nsucvgs.co.uk