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If you love playing video games, whether you play casually, competitively, on-and-off or devoted to the many-hour-long XP grinds, then Northumbria’s video game society is the place to be! The aim of this society is to unite people of this university who love video games as much as we do to meet and share their interests with others. 

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Upcoming Events



The Big Gamer Party and After Party


In September we will be hosting a special BGP in the CVGS Discord s with the Gaming and Role-Play society and the new esports society. We'll have board games, video games, tournaments and prizes all through the afternoon from 12 - 6!

At 8pm We will start hosting "after party" this will be when you can let lose and have a couple drinks and chill with the commitee members and your fellow society buddies! 

We will also be giving away a nintendo switch to anyone with any membership to these socities! Make sure to get a membership to all 3 socs as that gives you 3x the chance to win the prize

Location: CVGS Discord

September 25th 12- Late

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