Meet The CVGS Committee


Hey guys I’m Nathan,

In September I will a be 3rd year cyber security student and the president of the society!

My main job is to oversee the committee, come up with fun events, ideas and things for you guys to do thoughtout the year!

I have been a member of cvgs since I started university and loved every moment of it. I have been gaming ever since I was little with my siblings!

If you was to ask me what my favourite game of all time I would pick luigis mansion for the GameCube!

I hope everyone is well during these troubling times and I look forward to meeting you all in September :)

Melissa- Console Secretary

Hey! I'm Melissa, your Console Secretary.

I run the in person meets where you can come along n play on the console we have set out, make friends and generally just chill out.

My favourite game of all time would probably be Skyrim and my favourite console is the xbox 360!

I'm a 1st year Mechanical engineering student, coming from a foundation year.

I look forward to seeing you all when the meets can start!

Brandon- PC Secretary

Hey I’m Brandon,

In this coming September I am going into my first year of Biomedical science. In addition to this I will be the Secretary of PC gaming.
My job as secretary of pc gaming is to make sure everyone has fun online on our discord server and it is running fine and to run Monday games nights.

My favourite games are overwatch and rainbow six siege, this is due to the fact I enjoy FPS and teamwork orientated games as they always give me the most excitement when a difficult match ends in a victory.

I joined CVGS in my first few days of university and I have enjoyed all the time I have spent with the society. I have loved gaming most of my life and it is my favourite pass time.

Make sure you guys are all keeping safe and enjoying your time as much as you can during this crazy time and I can’t wait to meet you all in September.

euan - treasurer

Hi everyone! I am Euan, I will be going into my final year of Law, and I will also be next year's treasurer of CVGS!

I have been part of this society for three years now and it has been amazing seeing how passionate members have been about the society as well as seeing how everything has changed over the years!

My favourite games are typically shooters, such as Halo and Overwatch, but I also love Dark Souls and anything else by From Software.
As treasurer, I oversee all of the financial decisions the society makes, and I am the one to approach when you have any suggestions on what the society could invest in. I am always around during the console meetings playing Cuphead or Super Smash Bros, so if you have any such suggestions or otherwise want to gush about your favourite games like I do, I am difficult to miss!

I am looking forward to this society's future and I can't wait to meet all of you brilliant new and returning members 😃

bea- social secretary

hi my name's bea, and i'll be going into my second year as a chemistry student.

i'll also be your social secretary, which means that my job will be arranging social events throughout the year and keeping you all updated on social media.

i'd say that my favourite game would be legend of zelda: botw.

i look forward to seeing you all in september, but for now stay safe!

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